I don't like the new plate, numbers are squished together.

2022.01.19 20:08 TemetNosce I don't like the new plate, numbers are squished together.

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2022.01.19 20:08 tealsealmaster Women's Basketball Games

Are women's basketball games free with the student ID? There's a game this Sunday vs WSU and WBB tickets dont come with Dawg Pack.
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2022.01.19 20:08 AutoNewspaperAdmin [National] - How expanded child tax credit aided these moms, changed economy | Christian Science Monitor

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2022.01.19 20:08 Remarkable-Host405 Backpack

What do you guys think a 3d experience world 2020 backpack is worth? I couldn't find any comparables on ebay
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2022.01.19 20:08 Cansico My turn

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2022.01.19 20:08 subwaybooligan Join the CryptoFarmBets Telegram Server for the best defi alpha 🚀

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2022.01.19 20:08 Stage_Ultra If You Can Give Me a DnD Allignment for Every Character in Actress Again I Will Give You A Cookie

Well...not really...but the morality of Melty Blood is so beautifully nuanced and the story is so complex, I'm struggling to see who's good and who's bad.
Seriously, if anyone actually does this, I will be super surprised.
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2022.01.19 20:08 AnonymousUnkownHuman Parents be so annoying they always talk to me like I’m a a kid even though I’ve explained to them that I find it annoying then proceed to follow me around trying to get me to like explode with anger or smth

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2022.01.19 20:08 Yout60 Endgame

Do you ever actually get out of the underworld or are you stuck doing the same cycle over and over because if it is like that I don't have a reason to play other then eurydice and orpheus. If there is some sort of long term end don't spoil it please
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2022.01.19 20:08 Nukkuma Best way to cp farm?

I don't want a beaver dam run every time I need cp. I need tens of thousands. And beaver dams oarent enough. I thought the island swamp cave would give alot, but it barely gave like 3k...
I primarily live on crystal isles. What's the best way to farm cp on any map? I need a lot. Thank you
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2022.01.19 20:08 Daarkken That adjusted price.

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2022.01.19 20:08 bens_pen_den How I Painted These One Of A Kind NikeXVols Cleats!

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2022.01.19 20:08 Affectionate-Bank974 Am Getting Everyone here Rich Tonight! Am giving out +10000 NBA Parlay, Just message me on WhatsApp ( +447451275289 ) We crushing the Bookies Tonight! 💥💪💯 Lets Go!!!

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2022.01.19 20:08 KingInTheNorth035 [CA-AB] [H] Leaf 65, Erakeys Pokemon Artisan, EVA-001 Wrist Rest, GMK Bushido Paypal [W] Paypal, GMK DMG

Shipping to CONUS and Canada inlcluded. Anywhere else will be extra.
Looking for an Unopened GMK DMG Base kit (but open to novelties as well) unopened.
PM before messaging (NO CHATS)

Item Description Price (USD)
Leaf 65 Keyboard Unopened. Space Cadet Colour. WK with Front Logo. Accessory and middle frame colours is red. Hot Swap PCB. Extra FR-4 Plate. Stock plate is Alu. Just got it today but changed my mind as I found something else I liked more. $515
GMK Bushido Opened but never mounted or used. Bought these for the Leaf build but got something else instead. Keep in mind that these are available on NK for $185. $150
EVA-0001 60-75% Wrist Rest. Got in a raffle buy. 1 of 10 units. $125
Erakeys Pokemon Artisan Bulbsaur $45
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2022.01.19 20:08 Marcusuk1 My collection. I need more ships and hanger space!

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2022.01.19 20:08 savruss Is Tuff Topic reliable?

So I know WOACB is complete crap but is tuff topic similar? She popped up as recommended but i definitely don’t want to feed into her ads and such if she is like WOACB
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2022.01.19 20:08 Same-Row-4665 Secret Network Offers $400M to Build Privacy Ecosystem

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2022.01.19 20:08 Jasonthefootball61 NFL

Who is ready for the NFL Play offs
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2022.01.19 20:08 Technical-Camel-4058 Blockchain devil nft is Here come make a deal with the devil and you could win a prize

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2022.01.19 20:08 ephem_era Oregon Coast / Mamiya 645 /Portra 400 / 45mm

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2022.01.19 20:08 gurjas 🔥🔥🔥

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2022.01.19 20:08 omgitsMaddz TIFU by letting my boss know about my boyfriend’s smaller package.

Ok so obligatory this didn’t happen today but was like a little over two years ago and we’ve since mutually gone our separate ways but anyways
My [25f] significant other [24m] at the time, who we’ll call “Tim”, was not exactly well endowed. I won’t go into specifics any further than it was below average and has always felt insecure about it. For all the boys reading, I want to make a point that it was never a dealbreaker to me - Tim made a point to compensate in other ways and was overall an amazing guy!
One night after a few glasses of wine with my girlfriends, a member of our group shared that she and her boyfriend had recently introduced toys to the bedroom and it changed everything for the better. Up until recently, my sexual encounters have all been pretty vanilla but Tim is more adventurous than I in his interests as was evident by his browser history. A few days later, I thought it would be fun to spice up our bedroom antics by investing in some toys ourselves. The next time I went to CVS, I quickly picked up a vibrating penis ring and darted to the self checkout kiosk. I felt my cheeks burning with I guess what is similar to embarrassment, hoping no one would see me with my sinful desires. It was thrilling. After successfully avoiding any slut-shaming eyes, I made it back to my apartment and texted Tim that I had a surprise. He came over after work and we went to town with our new partner in crime.
It. Was. Amazing.
At first we had difficulties getting it to stay on being that it was a bit too loose for him. It took. A bit of practice but once we got the motion of the ocean right, there were no issues. No issues, that was, until it broke a few days later.
I decided to buy a new one but wanted to get something of higher quality. After googling, I was quickly overwhelmed by the available amount online. I needed some advice but was too prude to ask my friend. Fortunately, a woman in my office who we’ll call “Kara”, would hold Sex Toy Parties among her friends (think Tupperware parties but with, you know… Sex Toys) and being that our office was smaller and comprised of all women ages 21-40, was very open about it. I decided she would be my guiding light for sex toys and soon confided our experience and issues.
“It was loose on him? How is that possible?”, Kara questioned.
“Ohhhh…”, she interrupted herself. “You know… they actually make toys that help with that ‘little’ problems like that!”
For those of you who are blissfully unaware as I was before a detailed explanation, Kara was referring to a thing called a ‘clear sleeve’ which AFAIK is a silicone sleeve that fits over a penis to make it feel bigger.
Here’s where the fuck up comes in:
Over the next week, we’d email back and fourth from our work accounts. Her sending me links to toys she’d suggest, me responding with feedback. Before anyone says anything: Yes, I’m fully aware that there we much more secure ways to communicate… chalk it up to being surrounded by other women and feeling to comfortable.
I ended up finding a clear sleeve that to me seemed perfect. It enhanced the endowment but not by too much. Just and added boost to the standard 5 inches.
I copied the Amazon link and pasted it to the email. Here is a direct quote from that particular email preceding the link:
“… I’m thinking this one? Looks like it could help with Tim’s little (lol) problem! I wish it came in dif colors though. Like a mauve or pink? That would be perf. Thoughts?”
Unbeknownst to me when addressing the email, I accidentally prefilled it to send to my boss. In my defense, their last names are relatively similar and first names start with the same letter.
Easy mistake, right? …right??
Hours went by and I had no clue what I had done. That is, until the entire office received an email “Friendly Reminder: Always Double Check Recipients After Writing An Email!”.
Clearly, this was about me and my fuck up. My cheeks were burning again but with true, horrific embarrassment. I couldn’t focus on my work at all for the rest of the day. All I could do was try to think of an excuse or a way to play off the unfortunate email. The worst part, I didn’t even get to tell her since she left the office early for a meeting or something.
Mortified, I told Kara hoping she could help me find a way to excuse it. Upon hearing the information, she started laughing uncontrollably. Three other girls I work with came into over to see what the fuss was. I clearly had a panicked look on my face, on the verge of tears.
“Omgitsmaddiz, what’s wrong sweetheart? You look terrified.” One questioned.
I showed her and the others the email, thinking they could also help me. I was wrong. Their reaction was the same as Kara’s. At this point, I’ve literally told half the office on my own accord. Over the course of the next week, the rest of the office (about 6 others) had found out through the grapevine why our boss sent that company email.
My boss never brought it up, nor did I. I avoided eye contact with her for weeks like any functioning adult. Office happy hours with SO’s invited became significantly more awkward from that point on.
TLDR: Ex-bf had a smaller package, accidentally sent a link to my boss for a compensating bedroom toy requesting her thoughts.
PS: here’s an Amazon link to a clear sleeve for those who are confused (not the same one as featured in story, though) https://www.amazon.com/Size-Matters-Clear-Extender-Sleeve/dp/B07LBXRV3V
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2022.01.19 20:08 specs924 Collection of Playbooks!

I was scouring the internet and came across this collection of different playbooks. Enjoy!
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2022.01.19 20:08 svanapps Singapore shuts down all crypto ATMs

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2022.01.19 20:08 M1KEHUNT12345 Is there any free or cheap parking near Swinburne in Hawthorn?

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