What's a genre you hate/usually dislike and one book from that genre that you loved

2022.01.19 20:30 lulutsart What's a genre you hate/usually dislike and one book from that genre that you loved

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2022.01.19 20:30 Medium-Yogurtcloset6 Noisy Neighbours / Bad Sound Proofing

I’ve recently bought and moved into a flat with my partner. We love the property, the location is great and we’ve finally unpacked everything and feel as though we are settling, but we’ve been experiencing some noisy neighbours and it doesn’t seem to stop…
We moved in on a Friday and had nothing but boxes and a blow up bed, so sound was travelling inevitably due to lack of furniture. We first heard the flushing of toilets and walking/stomping around, on the first night which was alarming to new home owner ears but as we were tired we slept through. The 2nd night we was awoken by loud music and talking at 3am until 5am and despite it being our first weekend at the property, i plucked up the courage to knock on the door. To my surprise, there was no answer.. the following day we heard lots of footsteps scurrying out the flat and we was too late to ask someone about the noise. The next day i was at work and my partner knocked on the door and explained the situation and the tenant seemed sorry and she took his number for future noisy nights.
This happened again and we text him but no reply. This happened again and again and you guessed it, no reply. Repeatedly for weeks. He ignored my texts and even ignored a knock on the door even though i knew he was in. Aside from the late night parties, the noise of them walking around was crazy loud. Like thumping. We can hear them opening and closing drawers, washing machine rocking the place and even urinating into the toilet bowl.. As you can imagine with no response from the tenants we raised with management company and they were surprised they even had flooring. After raising it with the landlord, we got a reply saying “the tenants have lived there years and same flooring has been there since beginning (5-10 years). No one has complained before so don’t talk to me about new flooring”…
Aside from keeping a diary and complaining to the council, is there anything else i can do about the flooring? Is it a legal requirement for upstairs flats to have carpet? Can i raise this as concern and try to do something about the sound proofing rather than potentially kick the tenants out for it all to happen again with new tenants?
Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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2022.01.19 20:30 PoolPrestigious7984 and The Old Chunk of Coal would know too

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2022.01.19 20:30 Katefred95 For those who do not have tiktok and wanted to take a look a the type of comments she gets…these are all from her most recent tiktok in which she sings and pretends to play the piano!

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2022.01.19 20:30 alBROgge Me most nights

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2022.01.19 20:30 AlexBajada Really? After weeks of no communication this is what they come back with?

Where is the acknowledgement of how poor this game is? I want them so recognise the issues everyone on here has pointed out thousands of times, we even wrote a fucking list of everything wrong with the game.... And they come back with minor bug fixes and a scoreboard that looks like a 12 year old did in Minecraft (they probably could do one better).
Even the bug fixes.... We are still having issues with loadouts not working properly, still having issues when we spawn in a vehicle and exit the vehicle we can't aim.... There's so many more obvious issues that they just didn't even recognise.
Talk about the fucking maps and how you plan on fixing them! Talk about the specialists and if you're going to fix them or bring back the classes!! Talk about the stupid arse tornado that does absolutely nothing for the game!! This is such a tone-deaf update I can't even imagine why they would put this out.
I understand things take time, and they're not going to fix all of this next week, but come on! Atleast talk about it so we know we are being heard and you recognise it!
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2022.01.19 20:30 DJAMB89 I like to mix salad cream with gravy from the Chinese takeaway.

I LOVE egg fried rice, with gravy from the Chinese and salad cream (Heinz) all mixed together.
I've done it for about 17 years. I don't know what possessed me to try it but anyway, I did... And it's amazing.
Don't knock it until you try it. Its got to be proper chicken gravy but from the Chinese. Not the BBQ sauce "gravy" some places do. I've never tried gravy from home but I imagine it is the same.
It's just a unique taste and I swear by it. Please don't judge me.
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2022.01.19 20:30 thot_girl_summer I thought this sub would enjoy this meme

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2022.01.19 20:30 TheKingTwizz We all knew it was coming! SMH and here we are! #reddeadredemption #RockstarGames ~ THE FALL OF DUTCH VAN DER LINDE #13 || Red Dead Redemption

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2022.01.19 20:30 thewinoandiknow Lepto Outbreak--dog owners beware

Currently a lepto outbreak linked to the McCarren Park dog run: https://greenpointers.com/2022/01/19/leptospirosis-outbreak-confirmed-in-williamsburg/
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2022.01.19 20:30 slowthorp What time is it? Time to add to the collection…

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2022.01.19 20:30 Fun-Introduction7348 Help with starting nitrogen cycle: This is my first time setting up a tank. I’ve done a lot of research and am trying to get my tank (10G) cycled before I go buy a betta. My issue is that is it’s day 4 of cycling and all levels of ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate read zero from my API test kit.

Help with starting nitrogen cycle: This is my first time setting up a tank. I’ve done a lot of research and am trying to get my tank (10G) cycled before I go buy a betta. My issue is that is it’s day 4 of cycling and all levels of ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate read zero from my API test kit. submitted by Fun-Introduction7348 to bettafish [link] [comments]

2022.01.19 20:30 borg286 Gnome Haka Bard

Tukohama, a Haka Bard. Fey-touched Gnome for easy access to Electric Arc and druid cantrip versatilty, and an early performance buddy (Familiar ability: Accompanist)
Haka to use Dancing Scarf to get Item bonus to Performance (Dance) to Demoralize (Versatile Performance)
Bard for versatility, buffing, and the amazing Occult spell list.
Background: Refluff Saloon Entertainer to get Virtuosic Performer for free and good skill boosts. Tukohama was a Totem keeper, one that dresses as the evil spirits to scare patrons who leave offerings. This reinforces their culture's strong belief in evil spirits affecting one's lives. Tukohama is trained in Genealogy Lore and will cite his ancestor's epics often.
Fluff Born on a remote island where dwarfism was common and magic was plentiful, Tukohama embraces the warrior legacy of his tribe. He has a fearsome tasmanian devil familiar, Lana, at his side that dances with Tukohama in his Hakas. Tukohama loves reciting the epic victories of his ancestors, and hopes such fearsome dances will be made in his honor. His people have transformed warfare into grand Haka dances viewed by the matrons of competing tribes who then crown the leading chiefs victors and land. (The matrons do the actual reallocation of resources then let the "victor" think their performance was better than their foes.) Despite his small stature and jovial character his performances are nothing short of impressive. Magic permeates the island with illusion magic commonly used to aggrandize one’s magnificence. Tukohama has instead focused on his rain dance, calling lightning down upon his foes. Blue lightning is tattooed across his chest and back. His arms are inscribed with stories from his ancestors.

Ancestral Feats

  1. Animal Accomplice (Tasmanian Devil (stats of Badger))
  2. First world magic: Electric arc most of the time, 10 minute swap when utility is needed
  3. Unexpected Shift
  4. Fortuitous Shift: Get DR=level 50% of the time when you're hit with a reaction.
  5. Instinctive Obfuscation: Free Mirror Image 1/day
  6. Homeward Bound: Plane shift for free 2/week
Class Feats
  1. Lingering Composition: We all know the benefit of a +1, this extends it dramatically
  2. Multifarious Muse(Polymath): Polymath offers amazing versatility with the spellbook and Versatile Performance
  3. Esoteric Polymath: Now you get to act like a wizard, almost. You need to wait till Eclectic Polymath before you can really change up your spell repertoire on a daily basis.
  4. Dirge of doom: No save demoralize is nice, mostly this will be used with Annotate composition below
  5. Inspire Heroics: Your performance check should be great by now. Combine this with Lingering Composition for fire and forget. This single action (albiet costing 2 focus points) makes your effective DPR double that of a fighter's single turn.
  6. Annotate composition: Put Lingering Dirge of Doom on a scroll and have someone else trigger this. While you can't have 2 compositions up at a time, nothing says they both can't be playing.
  7. Eclectic Polymath: Very versatile spell book, especially when combined with your signature spells
  8. Inspirational Focus: With as many focus points as you're using above, you need this to give you more fuel each battle rather than only spending 1 each fight but the BBEG.
  9. Effortless Concentration: Action economy ftw
  10. Eternal Composition: Pretty obvious action economy win, especially with your legendary performance and Inspire Heroics
  11. Ultimate Polymath: All spells are signature spells. You have 27 spells available to cast at any level
General Feats
  1. Canny Acumen(Fortitude): Everybody wants better saves
  2. Untrained Improvisation: You are a bard, come on. Useful for Hypercognition.
  3. Ancestral Paragon: Illusion Sense: Whenever you pass within 10’ of an illusion the DM rolls a perception check to see if I notice it.
  4. Legendary Sneak: Always be hidden
  5. Toughness: More HP is always nice.
Skill Feats
  1. Bon Mot: While we don't drive Diplomacy to master, we are nevertheless pretty good at it. This synergizes well with Blistering Invective and Demoralize
  2. Cognitive Crossover: Not only be master of the Occult, but master of something else
  3. Assurance(Diplomacy): Make Bon Mot easier to land, especially good for getting rid of any penalties due to being in battle.
  4. Battle Cry: Hakas at the beginning of battle, obviously. Free demoralize is amazing
  5. Terrified Retreat: Running away takes their entire first turn, the most important, and likely will take their entire turn just to return to battle all for free if you critically succeed at your Battle Cry.
  6. Group Impression: Make an Impression uses Performance. Admit it, you'd stop and watch a Haka in the town square.
  7. Swift Sneak: Prerequisite for
  8. (General Feat from above)Legendary Sneak: Hide in Plain Sight
  9. Legendary performer: Crowds are 1 size larger. It is ok.
  10. Foil Senses: Marginally useful
Magic Items to buy
Silvertongue mutagen, lesser: 1 minute of +1 performance, intimidation
Dancing Scarf(Level 3,9): +1 item bonus to dancing performance; reaction to succeeding at performance (1 action): become concealed.

Notable magic spells
  1. Summon Fey(sig). Below I have outlined some awesome fey to summon.
  2. Blistering Invective(Sig): While the damage seems weak, the key is persistent damage and it scales not only the damage but also the number of targets. These make this spell scale better than any other spell. Combine this with the trend that in Pf2e, it is not common to have 8+ mooks, but fewer stronger ones. After the first round AoE spells hurt allies. This one never does. It is fire and forget. You do need to be a bit more patient for the damage to take effect, but the overall damage is better than a fireball when heightened to level 6, and only slightly behind when heightened to level 4.
  3. Organsight(sig): I plan on using Electric Arc and then shooting a bow for most rounds, so I'll be able to benefit from the extra damage. If I combine this with Rouse Skeletons I'll not only have a good AoE, but can deal auto-damage to a single target. Sadly my Medicine check isn't the best.
  4. Summon Fey(Satyr) to get Fear upcast to target 5 foes
  5. Summon Entity(sig): See amazing monsters below.
  6. Slow(heightened): Amazing action economy
  7. Haste(Heightened): You are also action starved. Remind everyone that they should use one of their 4 actions to aid eachother. By this level it should be an auto succeed, and possibly a crit. Based on the skill check you may be granting people a +3 or +4. Much better than a 3rd or 4th attack.
  8. Spirit Song, your really only AoE blast spell
Summons Utility Casters Strong combat
  1. 1st level summon x spells
    1. Grimple: Melee attack may make them stupified 1; 30’ line attack, save or be sickened 1
    2. Tooth Fairy: On death burst 5’ DC fort 16 or be sickened 1. Great for Final Sacrifice
    3. Melixie: 17 HP, 16 AC, 40’ fly. If you have lots of sugar the bee gets quickened getting 3 actions
    4. Crawling Hand: High +7 to hit, grabs immobilizing and flat-footing the
  2. 2nd level summon x spells
    1. Mitflit (CR -1): Cast bane and run into battle, concentrate to expand radius by 5’. Decent debuff
    2. Pugwampi: Unluck Aura forces all checks at disadvantage, including sickened/persistent damage
    3. Brownie: Great HP, Baffling Bluff can confuse for 1 round (attack random target)
    4. Fuath: Viscous Choke DC 17 reflex or have sphere of water envelope your head and start drowning. They have 5+con mod rounds or die. Attacking eats 2 rounds. Casting spell drains it completely.
    5. Vexgit: Great HP, 1d12+1 attack, or bite if facing high AC foes.
    6. Plague Zombie: 50 HP, +9 to hit and grabs
    7. Ghoul: High +9 to hit and paralyzes
  3. 3rd level summon x spells
    1. Zrukbat: Decent tank, Charge as a single action, Hit and fail DC 15 fort or be blinded for 1 round.
    2. Nuglub: Casts Grease, deals +1d6 vs. flatfooted, 1d10 vs prone. Opportunity attack is strong acrobatics vs Reflex DC or be knocked prone. Melee attack has Grab (Immobilized and Flatfooted)
    3. Draugr: Attacks sicken. Can cleave rather than take MAP
    4. Flaming Skull: Melee strike deals 3d6+3 damage
    5. Skeletal Champion: Resist 5 cold/elec/fire/pierc/slash, Attack of opportunity
    6. Squirming Swill: 15’ aura that sickens. Succeeding causes one to puke giving 3 HP to swil, Attacks can make you fall pronel
  4. 4th level summon x spells
    1. Tooth Fairy Swarm: Immune to precision, Resistant to Bludgeoning 2, Piercing 5, Slashing 5, quite tanky. When killed burst 5’ DC 20 fort or be sickened. Has 1 action attack to creature in its area, 2d6 Bludgeoning damage DC 20 basic reflex.
    2. Unicorn: Tanky, and heavy hitter 1d10+4+1d6 good. Heals tons too.
    3. Weight: Tanky, Each hit Drains Life imposing Drained +1 each hit, this reduces HP by foe CR. Note if he kills someone he gets a Weight Spawn that gets free will when master Weight dies
  5. 5th level summon x spells
    1. Satyr: Inspire Courage/Competence, Triple Time. Drink his wine for +1 to will saves for 1 hour
    2. Biloko Veteran: Tanky, 2 attack Swipe has no MAP, and deals 2d8+4 per hit.
    3. Kelpie: Tanky, 2d6+7 attack, Captivating Lure eiter Stupifies 1 target or Fascinated as long as the Kepie doesn’t directly attack the target.
    4. Grimstalker: 60 HP, each attack 2d6+7 inflicts a poison DC 22 1d6 -> 1d6+clumsy 1-> 2d6+clumsy2
    5. Grodair: 88 HP tanky, Tentacle attack knocks targets prone, ranged attack does 3d6 and push 10
    6. Penanggalan: slashing damage deals 2d10 poison damage to all adjacent 1/round.
    7. Bone Croupier: 1/day force a creature to fail a save
    8. Skaveling: Hits have chance to paralyze, slowed 1 at worst due to incapacitation trait
    9. Shadow: Tanky, applies Enfeebled +1 on hit
  6. 6th level summon x spells
    1. Elananx: lots of extra conditional damage, easy to meet
    2. Eloko: very tanky, 2d8+6+ sneak attack
    3. Drider: ranged web trap, lots of fun spells
    4. Skrik Nettle: attacks and when hit applies a levitating debuff, tanky, fast healing, hard hitting
    5. Chuul: Attack of opportunity, grabs and poisons which paralyzes, auto damages paralized
    6. Vampire Count: at-will domination, note incapacitation
    7. Greater Shadow: Resist 20 vs. non-magical, Enfeebled +2 on hit.
  7. 7th level summon x spells
    1. Hesperid: decently tanky, good ranged attack.
    2. Muckish Creep: melee attacks grab and shove mud down throat who start suffocating, eating actions to stop. Ranged attacks dazzle. Leaves mud everywhere it goes, ie. grease (reflex DC 26). Massive action eater
    3. Blood Painter: slugger at 3d8+8+1d8 persistent damage. Can make hit for fascinated and for 1 action cast mirror image, making him more tanky.
    4. Irnakurse: large with 20' attack and attack of opportunity. Has 2 action attack which hits 4 guys at no MAP. Everyone hit makes will save it be stunned. Great BC.
    5. Dread Wraith: Resist non-magic 20, Large + 10’ reach + Opportunity, Attack drained +1
    6. Ghost Monk: Resist non-magic 20, 30’ emanation 5d6 damage basic reflex
    7. T-rex skeleton: Gargantuan + 20’ reach, Tanky Resist 10 to most, Rib Skewer on medium target to drag around
  8. 8th level summon x spells
    1. Gug: attack of opportunity with 15' reach. 2 action attack targeting 4 guys with no MAP. On single target. Has Rend: 2nd hit deals 2x damage.
    2. Nilith: attack grabs and with 1 action deals 6d6 Will save for half.
    3. Provincial Jiang-Shi: Casts Harm (6d8 heal the same) as 1 action, thus 12d8, 7 total Harms, Spirit Blast (16d6), Vampiric Exsanguination (12d6 30’ cone), Shadow Blast (5d8 in 30’ cone/15’ burst)
  9. 9th level summon x spells
    1. Gogiteth: 2 action 3 (move+attack) vs different targets, each can improved grab, grabbed take constrict damage 3d6+12 DC 32
    2. Irlgaunt: heavy hitter and lobs a blast 14d6 DC 33 basic reflex save every 1d4 rounds
    3. Rusalka: improved grab with mean constrict damage. 1 action +athletics check to move grabbed creatures 10'
    4. Doblagub: true seeing. 30' aura that makes all movement require will save. 1 action pull everyone 10' in. Nasty swallow whole attack which suffocates. Even if Doblagub dies any swallowed creatures take 3 actions to free.
    5. Millindemalion: heavy hitter vs flatfooted targets 4d6+2d4+1d6+14 per hit. Might find Hat Toss useful.
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2022.01.19 20:30 redactedriddles Whisky-A-Go-Go regulations?

Are they checking for proof of vaccination or negative covid tests at the Whisky-A-Go-Go? Or enforcing masks? I know the website says so, but I'm also seeing some mixed answers from people who attend.
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2022.01.19 20:30 MohammadBashirSidani Update: My app just hit 2.2k users!

Last week I posted about my new app that took traction fast and what I learned from that experience. Some people asked to post an update so here it is (Long post ahead)!
The app has been on the store for 17 days now and let me tell you the past 17 days were quite a ride.
After the app took traction the first day, I can't explain the feeling when I had my first sale. Imagine a guys jumping from joy over a 1.99$ In app subscription. Yeah that was me!
Then the feeling of the first 100$ in sales was even better! I crossed the 2 digits mark! I know these numbers are next to peanuts to you guys but it's the feeling that the product I did is really being loved by people is what makes me happy. I was also happy that this time I'm not paying the apple 100$/year subscription from my own pocket!
My app 'TreeLinks' (on the App Store only) lets users make a 'link in bio' page. let me tell you I LOVED some users designs! It was amazing seeing what people can do with the tools I developed. I did the tool and some people use it much better than I do! I even rolled an update with a 'Featured' screen in my app to share the best profiles people did.
After the featured page rolled, something clicked. The number of paying users increased dramatically. I think people seeing other people doing awesome link in bio motivates them to do their own. I'm liking this featured page concept and thinking to enriching it.
One day I open google analytics and saw that in the last 30mins 28 visitors were on the website (If you visit any user link you are considered a visitor). The next couple of days I was stunned that on regular 50 people where using it in the last 30 min whenever I check. Today as I'm writing this post the average is ~70 per 30 min. However it reached 280 people in 30 minutes once which is unbelievable.
On the other hand, this story isn't rainbows and butterflies. There are some things that worries me. The amount of people that use the app and even the amount of sales in a day are unexplainable. One day sales are above the roof (~40 sales), another days there is barely any sale. One day the Analytics show 6k visitors, the next barely 1.5k. These numbers are really unexplainable to me and I worry one day the app just dies. But it is what it is so I'm fine with it.
I'm sorry this post isn't advices on how to grow as I really don't how as well. Like most of you I'm still trying to find my own success. The only advice I can give is that you have to try and try a lot, and when you try you might very well fail. But failing isn't the end because you can try with a different product again. At least this is my approach as I did many products that didn't succeed. Especially us developers, we are good at making a product but unlike. business people we lack the skill of validating if people actually would like this product or if it will succeed.
So here I am with some bizarre analytics. One day the app goes crazy and the other day things are slow. But things in generally are going well!

I'll definitely roll a new update if you guys request! And thanks for reading till the end!
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2022.01.19 20:30 YOURNOSESMELLS how do i fix this? i dont have hacks installed but it showed me this when i tried to play multiplayer

how do i fix this? i dont have hacks installed but it showed me this when i tried to play multiplayer
this is what happens
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2022.01.19 20:30 maxrayartshop A new one titled 'Eddie Spaghetti'

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2022.01.19 20:30 IraqRoland Can I work a cold case independently?

Hello everybody, I am a LEOSA certified retired DoD law enforcement officer with no actual investigation experience but I do have investigation training. I learned that a girl I went to high school with had her father go missing in 2007 and the case was moved to the cold case file. Would the police department hand over information to me given my credentials and permission from the family? If this is a stupid question I apologize. Thanks!
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2022.01.19 20:30 LakeSaria The Magic of Place (Jaime Heiden)

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2022.01.19 20:30 jthavorn What’s the biggest age gap between you and a sibling and what was that like growing up?

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2022.01.19 20:30 Substantial-Frame494 YOCAN WON'T HEAT UP.

Recently my Yocan dab pen has stopped heating up I've cleaned it, and let it fully charge. I've tried looking up the problem on YouTube and GOOGLE. Any tips or advice too fix it?
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2022.01.19 20:30 -MastaS- Should I inform my employer than I’m currently completing my degree?

I need advice on whether or not I should inform my employer that I am currently in the process of getting my degree and that I plan to leave after graduation in December. If so, I would like some opinions on the best way to inform them. Normally, I know that only a 2 week notice is necessary; however, I live in a small town where most people know each other. I would also like to add that I work in a very toxic “family” environment where everyone expects you to disclose everything going on in your life. I would love to leave and say nothing at all but I have only ever had 2 jobs which includes my current job, so I don’t want to take a chance on losing a reference. I feel that by deciding not to inform him, this would be the case if he figured it out through other sources, which is highly likely especially because one of our patients is the manager at my practicum placement site.
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2022.01.19 20:30 garryjason Uncensored Music Video

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2022.01.19 20:30 rangershake123 Does the female titan have genitalia ?

I mean she had boobs no other titan has that it would also make sense for her to have that.
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2022.01.19 20:30 Pristine-Worth2951 Confession

Sometimes I threaten guys to out them as homophobic when they’re mean to me lmao and they always get so scared (my school is extremely liberal)
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