r2a39 9yd94 adkf3 y5dd3 tnsk8 yynt5 59r63 r5ht5 at7k4 y8t3a hfr4y kid46 7y5ir t3h4f a548e stbah bhrt9 96ibz d9e8i yr95f f6995 How to copy handwriting inside the same PDF (for example from one page to another)? |

How to copy handwriting inside the same PDF (for example from one page to another)?

2022.01.19 19:54 Sam-Spiridonov How to copy handwriting inside the same PDF (for example from one page to another)?

Max Lumi 2, NeoReader 33892 — but I can consider other apps if they support the feature in subj
Thank you!
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2022.01.19 19:54 louis7089 Go home Airsoftmasterdotcom your drunk

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2022.01.19 19:54 Mac_OS-X Who is your favorite AI

Why are they your favorite, and what color did you choose for them?
View Poll
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2022.01.19 19:54 Metroman95 The Christmas Cookie 2

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2022.01.19 19:54 palaaris Suggestions for swimming pool monitoring

Hello everyone,
I have a project for uni, in which I want to monitor people in a swimming pool in real time( basically detect if someone is in the pool and whether he is swimming or not). I haven't done anything CV related before, so I would like to ask if you have any suggestions on what should I look up for?
Some papers that I found (specifically for swimming pools) were using background subtraction, but they are not very recent.
I don't know if I will have a lot of data for training because it is very complicated to get permission from the university to personally do the recordings. So it depends on what we will be able to find.
Any suggestions?
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2022.01.19 19:54 Turbulent-Error9702 Yesica Pech Reyna

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2022.01.19 19:54 THEKIDDART NEW Collection DROPPING on Rarible!

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2022.01.19 19:54 MrHotdog3009 People who messaged their ex's parents, what did you say and how'd it go?

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2022.01.19 19:54 Ok-Mechanic4258 She's certainly not shy

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2022.01.19 19:54 SrKrashESP (Might be a stupid question)- Are OC Settings when mining temporal?

I'm using RTX 2060 of my gaming for mining when i don't use it. But, recently appeared some rejected shares, so I want to change the OC values to a lower ones. But, I want to know if i change it, it will be only temporal settings (only when i mining) or these will be my general settings for my pc. (Srry for my english xD).
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2022.01.19 19:54 alongusernameistaken Медиите в България са изключително свободни

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2022.01.19 19:54 WeDrinkSquirrels Actors on the Show

Why is it so hard to find information about the actors? Many go uncredited even if they appear in most episodes across a season. Lucky Yates doesn't have good eats on his IMDB. The tattoo'd butcher from Reloaded is uncredited everywhere - even finding the names of regulars from the old days is difficult. I thought all of these people had to be credited at some point.
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2022.01.19 19:54 papa-liya Encyclopedia of Image Processing by Phillip A. Laplante

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2022.01.19 19:54 SpillDaTea- I NEED A MOD RIGHT NOW!!! I AM DOING A TRADE!

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2022.01.19 19:54 Eastern_Sector_6728 What kind of stone is this? I tried google image but still couldn’t figure it out. Thanks!!

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2022.01.19 19:54 thebruhity mickey mouse but hes jonjo

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2022.01.19 19:54 BlueNugg22 How many of you knew that xbox bought activision

How many of you knew that when Activision was good they actually made spiderman games like edge of time I just found this out and they have just enough power now to compete with Sony so in a year or 2 xbox will have there own spiderman games.
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2022.01.19 19:54 Skybreak772 Be true to yourself

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2022.01.19 19:54 tonsofsoul I should probably get fat

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2022.01.19 19:54 NewMediaTesting Can you get past the laser grids at the FEV production facility?

Didnt find enough context online, so I`m asking here. Can you actually disable those two laser grids at the end of the FEV Facility?
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2022.01.19 19:54 gordis_summer1982 Theory on (Spoiler's) maybe chance of redemption (blanked it out for anyone who hasn't seen the ep yet)

Marking this spoiler just in case.

If the writers are going with the : Death of Superman angle at all this season or next season I wonder if The Reign of Superman will be Tal's chance of redemption. Clark said something that left me thinking. When Tal asks Clark if he still thinks that there is any good in him, Clark answers:
"No, but I want to." Ok let's say Clark does "die" at the end of the season, I can see that hitting Talro really hard. From what we know he wants to have a family with Clark. Yeah he hates that Clark has a human family but he also wants to be accepted and loved by his brother. I can see him sorta stepping up and finding a way to maybe protect the earth when Superman isn't there. Or, at least attempt to because he hates the humans but maybe being a "hero" for a bit can make him change his mind, who knows. He is the Eradicator for a reason imo. Not sure if he'll look after Lois and the boys tho, even if he wanted to there's no way she'd let him anywhere near the boys.
If Clark doesn't die he'll still battle Doomsday. He could be joined by Talro and the rest of the reign to help defeat Doomsday. That will make Clark change his mind on his brother, because this time instead of helping end the world, Tal's helping to save it.
Not that they'll ever be a happy family, especially because of what Tal did to Jordan last night but it could be a step in the right direction.
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2022.01.19 19:54 tycholiz Telus has a webpage wiki for how to block unsolicited texts/calls. Will it work for blocking their unsolicited texts/calls?

Telus has a webpage wiki for how to block unsolicited texts/calls. Will it work for blocking their unsolicited texts/calls? https://www.telus.com/en/bc/support/article/unsolicited-calls-texts-mobile
The icing on the cake is that this enterprise, which puts an emphasis on future-orientation at every step, can't unsubscribe you faster than 7 days.
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2022.01.19 19:54 imnotsure_yet college Student looking for cheap room. where do i start?

Hey guys! I’m from essex county, in the newark-belleville-nutley-clifton area.
I go to college full time and im now looking for a cheap room to stay in.
i used to live with my aunt but she and my mom had issues years ago and since she can’t see my mom, she’s usually dealing all the problems on me.
now i’m being told she’s moving out, she didn’t even tell me. my other aunt from maryland did.
so pls, i’ll appreciate all help in looking for an apartment or room, somewhere i can cool, shower and sleep
i also pay my college tuition so i don’t know how this is going to work. if it helps, my college is ECC, and i just need something near there or has a transportation to get there
my budget is $600 and below my aunt in maryland said she’ll help me cover some of the cost
i make about 1000 and somthing a month, it’s not good ik. but thsts unfortunately what i’m working with
I’ll love all recommendations or where to start
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2022.01.19 19:54 asianj1m “I’ve never seen a thin person drink Diet Coke”

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2022.01.19 19:54 TheAccount-Ant Chronic Shin Splints - My hope is that someone out there that has been in my shoes and found a solution will see this and offer some hope.

I over trained last spring and developed "shin splints", terrible pain along my tibia, really in multiple spots. I unfortunately did not rest initially and pushed through the pain because my job has rigorous physical fitness requirements. Before everyone says "there are countless shin splints posts on here, read through those", believe me I KNOW. I have spent probably 100 hours on the internet reading reddit posts, runners world articles, PT guides on shin splints, youtube videos etc. and I already understand the standard protocol. I have even tried plenty of "unproven" treatment methods out of desperation. The problem is, NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING, is working for me and I am coming up on close to 1 year with shin splints and it is unbearable.
My Timeline:

  1. April 2021 - Onset of shin splints when over training. Continued pushing through this for 3 months. During this time I was icing, using compression sleeves, and taking anti inflammatories.
  2. August - stopped running completely due to constant pain. Continued with icing/anti inflammatories
  3. October - pain still present constantly (night and day) despite absolutely zero exercise (not even cross training). Pain is worse when weight bearing, especially if I were to do a long walk (20 min+).
  4. November - pain still the same, no change. Picked up on icing again but stopped anti inflammatories because it wasn't helping.
  5. December - extremely slight reduction in pain but still difficulty weight bearing, and still a constant ache is present. Also worth noting that I have clear soft tissue pain along the bone, on both the face and the edges, and I can feel soft bumps/inflammation that are tender when I press on the bone.
  6. End of December - I got an x-ray, and an MRI. No stress fracture visible. No muscle tears. Nothing remarkable to comment on. Doctor prescribes more anti-inflammatories that really don't seem to provide any relief.
  7. January - Pain continues. I begin cycling as a cross training mechanism. No increase in pain but also no reduction. Out of frustration I turned to some BS tactics that I found on these forums like "Gua Sha" scraping because I just can't believe it's been 8 months of this and the traditional RICE formula, anti-inflammatories, etc. just are doing NOTHING to help, and I don't seem to have something more serious like stress fractures/compartment syndrome. This was clearly a mistake because now I have bruises along my shin bone and my pain has doubled and it's even painful when cycling again. I would highly discourage anyone on here from using Gua Sha, hopefully I can at least save someone the trouble.
  8. At this point I'm just gonna go with the opposite of icing and try heat packs, but I'm pretty much going crazy because I feel like I have tried everything and I don't understand why there seems to be nothing that can help me. I also am a relatively athletic build, I grew up playing sports including cross country and track and was a college athlete without any problems. I am now in my 30s but am still in decent physical shape, outside of the injury (not an issue of being overweight is my point).
    Things I have already tried:
- Ice baths after every workout
- Icing 5 - 8 times a day for 15-20 minutes
- Anti inflammatories
- PT at home, dorsiflexion, bands, toe raises, heel walks, stretching etc. (if you can find it on youtube/reddit, I have tried it out)
- Rest and RICE method in general
- Massage
- Changed out running shoes (HOKA Clifton 8 - very supportive running shoe... but I'm not even back to running at this point so probably hard to make an assessment on this)
- Gua Sha Scraping (do not recommend this to anyone - particularly when dealing with periostitis)
- Gotten an X-ray (Nothing)
- Gotten an MRI (Nothing)
- Met with Doctor on multiple occasions
- Met with Orthopedic (basically just recommended more PT)
- Taping (KT tape, medical tape)
- Gels/creams (lidocaine, bengay, tiger balm etc.)

If anyone can help, I will be forever grateful. And if the answer is simply "there are no real other options/answers", well I understand that too. Thanks to everyone in advance.
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