Not my own

2022.01.19 20:48 Valiquette_sjm Not my own

I used to believe that my I intrusive thoughts were my own upbringing, although nothing truly happens to the thought it just passes. I've been listening closely and these thoughts aren't my voice. I recognize the outside remarks that come toward me, yet the inner body is affected and influenced as well. It feels like possession, someone else's fantasies being giving to me to see. Has anyone felt the same way?
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2022.01.19 20:48 Ok_Oil1834 Telogen effluvium or MPB? I am an 17y old Male

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2022.01.19 20:48 LongSun1736 For those who had plastic surgery in another country: did you have a lot of consultations before deciding your surgeon, or took a leap of faith with your surgeon?

What I mean by “a leap of faith” is that I’ve read a lot of people having a consultation and then the next day they’re having surgery because there’s a time crunch on a patient’s length of stay in the country.
I know that for a lot of people, flying out multiple times isn’t a viable option (e.g. me). So I’m curious if anyone stuck with their first and only choice surgeon and how it worked out.
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2022.01.19 20:48 MisforMOIST Any of you jerks going to tonight's show better find u/RedPulse and shout him some coke, he needs to get a buzz for TOOL and beer costs too much.

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2022.01.19 20:48 BaconEggyWeggy Would you rather do the most interesting school subject you're bad at or the most boring school subject you're good at?

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2022.01.19 20:48 Seth-The-God Definitely happened

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2022.01.19 20:48 Fire_GFox EN*P's

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2022.01.19 20:48 kenjihoe *REPOST* Monke~ It took me a while to make this, i really hope you doc and kai like it!!! have a nice day🤞🤍☁️❤️❤️‍🔥

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2022.01.19 20:48 hie_art Anyone need their Library immortalized? Original sketches starting at $35 for index card size. Comment or DM

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2022.01.19 20:48 hanginglimb Hey pal

It's been a little over a year and for the first time since we called it quits, I read over those last few texts back and forth and felt pity instead of anger.
I listened to the voice memo in full, for maybe the second time ever. The only other time was maybe four months after you sent it. Usually I'd skip to the part where you compared me to your abusive mother and get angry at how you were manipulating me, but now it all seems so silly.
I'm sure you don't think it's silly, and you never will. After all, you're the main character and everything that happens to you is a tragedy.
That's fine. As long as you're happy feeling that way, I'm happy for you.
I know that your emotions must've felt very big when we were arguing. Your emotions always seem to be the biggest thing in every room you enter. But the lies are what get me. The lies, the manipulation.
I know that you hearing that your best friend since adulthood didn't want anything to do with you anymore, and that maybe it all had something to do with your behavior felt bad, but that voice memo really sealed the deal. It really made me understand that I made the right decision.
Because here's the deal, if I wanted to wound you I would've.
I would've reminded you of the plagiarism scandal that you still won't own up to (by the way, I'd love to have been a fly on the wall when the author you plagiarized went viral earlier this year).
I would've compared you to your mother and I would've been right to do it.
But I didn't, and I still received the full extent of your scorn.
So whatever.
One of the last things you told me was that you hoped I got therapy. Funnily enough, the reason I told you to fuck off in the first place is because you knew so little about me that you didn't know I already was.
I think you probably need a better therapist.
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2022.01.19 20:48 loco_foco1 How Did You Embarrass Yourself at Work?

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2022.01.19 20:48 definitely_not_bees Is this project a scam?

Ordered the first batch and it’s been over a month with no news, when asking support, I’m getting the most weird and unprofessional answers I’ve seen. Is this a scam?
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2022.01.19 20:48 pizzunk I want to go back on antidepressants, but they have always made my Crohns bad. What are my options?

Years ago, I was first on zoloft, and then on lexapro. Both antidepressants made my crohns horrible. 100% liquid, urgent poo no matter what. (I was on the pills for a year each, not just a few weeks. My symptoms never stabilized)
Luckily I have managed to go without them for many years, but now I think I am in need of them again. I am scared to go back on any SSRI. Is there any other option for me outside of SSRIs? I'm really struggling here
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2022.01.19 20:48 ottar92 Double flips

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2022.01.19 20:48 ProgressiveVoiceShow Red or Blue?

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2022.01.19 20:48 10MinuteHorror Never Hold Your Breath - Part 5: The Call of the Void

Floating in front of the new tunnel, I clutched the Deep Point grip. I looked back to see my line was still with me, and trailed back through the cave to the tunnel that would lead us out of here. I checked my air, forty minutes left. How many tunnels could I search in that time if this one didn’t lead to him?
This was the wrong kind of thinking. One step at a time. Clear this tunnel, then move on. Clear that one, then move on. And so on until I run out of air. I swam in.
I realized the tunnel started narrowing. Not height-wise, but along the sides it was getting tighter. The glowing ahead was getting closer. It was definitely some kind of bioluminescence. Probably glow worms. They could live in places like this on nothing. And this was the colour they gave off. As I got closer, the more sure I was.
The tunnel opened up to a large cave, the majority of which was above water. I could see up through the surface and onto the dry parts. The ceiling of the cave was littered with tiny glow worms, or what looked like them. The cave glowed like nothing I’ve ever seen. It was beautiful and horrifying. I started to rise to the surface, knowing I had to be careful how quickly I peeked out. If there was anything in here, my arm was spring-loaded to jab forward with this knife.
I surfaced, slowly, taking in the vast cave as I did. The walls and ceiling were littered with other tunnel entrances, but not nearly as many as the previous honeycomb. And these entrances had thousands of glow worms surrounding each one. As I took more in, I saw there was a shore that led to a small inlet. Almost a cave, but not deep. It was above water.
It looked like an odd shaped rock was in the middle of the inlet. It was long, dark, and jagged.
But then it moved. Shifted. Like something was inside it. The dark exterior slid downward like a sheet of paper, revealing...
Clay! He was laying flat in the inlet. His mask was off.
My breath hitched and I tried not to move. I didn’t want whatever that thing was to see me. What WAS that thing?! I watched it as it slid off Clay onto the rocky surface of the inlet. Its shape was like a long, flat oval. But then it quickly rolled up like a carpet. Long and slender now, it moved like a large snake, slithering up into one of the tunnels and disappearing.
What. The fuck. Was that?
It looked like a sea blanket at first. But then the snake-like coiling up… I had no time to think further. I could only think about rushing over to Clay. But I didn’t rush. I swam over, cautiously. I scanned the tunnels. The cave. The inlet. Any sign of more of those things. Those creatures. They reminded me of manta-rays when unfurled.
I got to the inlet. I couldn’t see any other creatures like that first one. Or any others. And Christ... I didn’t want to. None of the tunnels looked occupied. And if that thing just left, now’s the time to grab him. I set a timer in my head - Thirty seconds. Get him back to the water in thirty seconds or less.
I steadied my breath and pulled myself up quickly. I rushed to Clay. He had a large, frightening bite on his neck that resembled the honeycomb pattern in the main cave. There wasn’t much blood, but that pattern was expanding across his skin and covering his neck like a bruise. I checked his pulse... Checked... Felt around more... There! A pulse!
I levelled up on his chest with my palms over each other and started CPR right away. Pump. Pump. Pump. 30 chest compressions. Breaaaaathe.
Wake up, Clay. Come on, please wake up.
Pump. Pump. Pump. Breaaaathe. I was starting to ball now. Overwhelmed and almost done...
Cough! Clay’s eyes shot open as he sprung to life! He coughed up water. And vomited. His eyes were wide and afraid. When they found mine, he wrapped his arms around me. The coughing echoed in the cave and out into the tunnels.
That can’t be good. We had to leave. Now. I told Clay to put Dad’s tank and mask on. But Clay was dazed. His vision seemed far off, like he was looking through water. I pinched his ear hard, which seemed to snap him back.
Clay clipped off his harness and slipped on dad’s. He masked up, tested the air, all green. I told him to follow me, and to swim as fast as he could.
Something felt off with him. He was looking pale and sickly. I unhooked the line and wrapped it tightly through Clay’s vest.
Then there was movement to the left. Over his shoulder. My hand wrapped around the grip. I told Clay to go…
But it was too late. The movement was the creature. Back to feed. On solid ground, it looked and moved exactly like a snake. Zig zagging quickly towards Clay’s turned back, its version of a head poised and ready to attack.
As it was almost upon Clay, I reached around him, slamming the Deep Point down. The blade caught the creature. Not entirely, but enough for the creature to shriek out in pain and spray out black blood. It darted off into one of the tunnels. The echo of the screech reverberated through the tiny cave, and out into each individual tunnel.
Then other screeches pierced out, echoing from different tunnels. There were more. Oh shit... There were more. We really had to go now. I yelled to swim and he seemed to be coming back to reality.
We jumped in, dipping under and following the line out to the tunnel. As we left the cave, I kept checking back behind us, wondering if it was coming back. When it would come back. There’s no way it would just leave. Not if I hurt it like that.
I was doing the math in my head. Two minutes out of here. My final flare will last five minutes. I’m saving it for when another of those things shows up. So it should last us until we get to the town. Hopefully. Problem is… We’re not moving very fast. Clay was not being the speedy swimmer I know. I should be in his dust right now but instead I’m on his heels.
I wanted to yell at him to go faster, but instead I’d check back behind us. I kept expecting to see that eel face. But the tunnel remained empty. All I could see was the blue light from the glow worms. No movement at all.
Finally we swam out into the large cavern. The flare was still burning, albeit dimming now.
This was taking too long. I swam in front of Clay and unhooked him from the line. I used a carabiner and attached his harness to mine, like a Baby Bjorn.
The flare below us started to die. The large cavern got darker. As we followed the line and swam towards our tunnel out, I glanced around at the other tunnels… The honeycomb was filled with eyes. They shimmered with the fading light. Like cats eyes.
We kicked forward, together, towards the entrance. Getting closer. The flare faded... Faded...
We entered the tunnel! Kicking forward furiously... Moving faster now. Clay’s torch was still there, shining back at us. Another twenty feet. Keep kicking Clay. Keep kicking!
We swam over Clay’s torch, and I checked over my shoulder… To see my nightmares spilling into reality.
The tunnel was filled with the creatures. Hundreds of faces, small and large, a writhing tangle of coiled predators, following us through the tunnel. Little eyes glinting from the light. They had all taken the snake shape. It seemed to move faster that way. The snake shape. Or was it eel…
Almost there! I felt snapping at my fins. Pulling. Now was the time for the flare. I cracked it! Filling the tunnel with red light and swinging it backwards as we swam.
The creatures darted around, blinded or burned. But didn’t retreat. They weren’t leaving. They kept following. Snapping.
And we kept kicking. Kept getting closer.
And then we were out and into the Blue Hole!
We swam out and up, kicking violently as the creatures spilled out into the Blue Hole behind us. Hundreds of them. They kept coming, pouring out of the tunnel. Circling us. Surrounding us. They started darting in, jabbing at us. Opening their mouths and slicing at us with their tiny teeth.
I kept swinging the flare and the blade, upward and downward, side to side. Sometimes I’d catch one, but it was quickly replaced by two more.
I looked up, but I couldn’t see out. They’d completely surrounded us. We were moving upward foot by foot... But this flare was gonna run out. I kept swinging though. And we kept kicking.
I felt the creatures get ahold of Clay. We were yanked down violently. I looked down and a few had latched onto his one fin. They wrapped around his leg and each other, forming a long rope. It was like a game of tug-of-war. He kicked at them, and they’d loosen. But they’d get back, strong, and pull us down again. We’d lost ground. We were almost back to the tunnel.
A creature hit me in the mask. I swung my blade at it, but another of the creatures caught my wrist with a deep thud. My hand went limp. Only for a second, but enough for me to drop the blade/flare. It sprayed out, floated down and away. That was the last weapon we had. They swarmed in.
That was it. We were done. There were too many and we couldn’t beat them with our hands.
Clay was getting dragged back into the tunnel, pulling me in with him. I felt our strap ripping. They were trying to separate us before pulling us inside. Then we’d never get out. We couldn’t fight them in the tunnel. We couldn’t even fight them out here.
This was it. How we’d die. Together. But apart.
Not yet. The raft! The fucking raft. My hands darted to my side. It was still there! Holding the cord tightly with one hand and the handle with the other, I pulled it open.
An explosion of plastic flooded my vision. Within a second, I felt my arm yanked upward, jettisoning Clay and I up and away from the tunnel.
It was like being attached to a jet pack. We took off, leaving the creatures in confusion at first. But they caught on, and darted upwards in pursuit. All hundreds of them.
It balanced between thrilling and horrifying. Like being on the scariest roller coaster imaginable. Only the chance of death was far higher.
Then I felt one of them. It must have held on. It was behind me, on my tank, and wrapping around my mask. I tried to grab it but couldn’t reach it.
It crawled over my mask, biting down into my neck! Pain shot through my body. My mask cracked. I took a huge breath and yanked the mask off, letting it fall to the side, water flooding my face. The creature went with the mask, confused from my breather’s burst of compressed air. It was swallowed up by the mass below, chasing us frantically.
I realized I hadn’t taken a very large breath. And my lungs were already burning.
We flew out of the Blue Hole and the town became visible again. All I could see below us were the creatures, desperately trying to get at us. But we were moving just fast enough to keep above them. The black marine snow was still falling. The dead town lighting up with every lightning bolt overhead.
Even more of those creatures started to appear from the houses. The buildings. The stores. The sewers. They were joining the ones on our heels. The intruders to their land.
My vision started getting spotty. Black dots were forming. Alarms were firing off all over my brain.
I needed air like I’ve never needed it before. My grip loosened on the raft handle. I became weak, and that weakness shot through my body. Hold on a little longer…
The strap holding Clay to my carabiner ripped and loosened further. Shit. No, not now-
Snap! The strap ripped through, Clay and I no longer attached!
My hand instinctively shot out and I grabbed for anything. I managed to catch the shoulder strap on Clay’s vest, keeping him from falling into the ferocious writhing mess in pursuit.
We kept rocketing upwards, but my grip started to wane on the raft. And on Clay.
My hand loosened on the raft.
Then Clay.
Then the raft.
Then Clay.
I was losing both of them.
One has to go.
One has to go…
No… I can’t choose. I can’t. Not now…
Hold on. Hold on!
We shot into the cloud. I lost sight of the creatures. Then we were through and almost at the surface. My eyes shut and... I caved, and breathed in-
Water shot into my lungs and panic streaked through my brain.
Splash! As we punched through the surface, I let go of Clay and the raft. I had held on just long enough. We burst up and out into the stormy waters. I landed on my back, inhaling more water but throwing it up on Clay’s head. I coughed and hacked. My eyes couldn’t stay open. I knew we had to keep moving. I knew we both needed to get to a hospital. My head dipped below the water and I saw hundreds of those little creatures peeking up at us from the cloud, but they didn’t come through. They stayed below, like there was a change in the water, separated by the cloud.
I pulled my head back up and saw flashlights in the distance. The shore. The lights of the cabin. I kicked towards it. I knew we only had a certain amount of time before the nitrogen build up would all but paralyze our movements. We needed decom chambers to release the nitrogen through our respiratory systems, or it was gonna build up in our tissue, joints and everywhere else. As it was, everything else in my body felt wrong and damaged.
Clay was still kicking. Of course he was. He probably won’t remember any of this.
I kicked and kicked, the raft abandoned far behind us now. I only opened my eyes for brief moments to see if I was still moving us toward the lights. The cottage. I always was. Something kept pulling me in that direction.
Or maybe it was just me.
Fear crept back in my mind, thinking about those creatures down below the cloud. What if they came up? Just for a second and tried to pull us down? It wouldn’t take much. I had so little energy or fight left. But they didn’t come. They stayed on the other side of the cloud.
Voices in the distance drifted in. It was dad. That booming voice echoing over the lake. Then mom’s smother voice. I kept kicking. Then we hit something. Or something hit us. We were on the shore! I felt my dad’s hands grab me as his voice drifted away.
It felt like I was falling asleep. Maybe that’s what dying feels like.
But not yet.
When I came to, I was here. My first thought was those creatures. Still there. Under that cloud. Filling those tunnels. But I was safe from them now.
Mom’s been communicating with me by writing on a notepad and showing me through the glass. Even though she looks sicker than I do now, since everything’s locked down, they’re letting her stay.
Apparently Clay’s out of his chamber at the other hospital. They’re shooting him full of meds for the infection from his bite, and he’s about to go in for his surgeries. I’m going to need the same stuff for my bite when I get out. Problem is... The bite’s really starting to hurt my throat. So much so it hurts to breathe.
The pain in my throat pulls me back to the flooded town, even though my mind was starting to slow. I’ve read about towns like this before. There’s dozens of them in the U.S. One article was about a town that was flooded in the 1920’s. Spanish Influenza had torn through it, and the state governor decided the town was beyond saving. So they blew a nearby dam and it became the bottom of a lake.
Is that what happened here? Did those things come up from below and infect the town, making it beyond saving? It was the best sense I could make without deep-diving on my laptop. And if I survive this, that’s the only deep-diving I’ll be doing. If I don’t survive this, that’s as close as I’ll get to understanding it.
Only ten more minutes now in this chamber, and then the surgeries start. Assuming the surgeons aren’t infected with whatever I have and are capable of performing. I need them to fix my lungs. I’m in really bad shape. I held my breath for too long, too deep.
Never hold your breath, kids.
Unless you have to.
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2022.01.19 20:48 Agreeable_Banana_960 Where can I buy at home testing kits?

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2022.01.19 20:48 kiwittnz FH4 and unlocking barn finds and when I see them for the first time I am presented with the last Australian Ford Falcon

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2022.01.19 20:48 LandOfNoMan S4 Soundtrack Appreciation

Finally took the time to watch S4, and am floored by how good the soundtrack was this season. Silver’s theme was a great flair for his character, a lot of tracks in E9 and E10 did a great job setting the mood, and “SDO” was an absolute banger. I definitely need to take the time to listen through the soundtrack now that I’m caught up on the show
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2022.01.19 20:48 11pickmexe A College Ad I found on Instagram

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2022.01.19 20:48 Old_Actuary_3472 Fluvoxamine side effects and questions??

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2022.01.19 20:48 Leadeater I'm getting approximately 30 seconds of warm water and that's it. Throughout the house...

I know it's not much to go on, but any speculation what it might be? Am I going to need a new water heater?
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2022.01.19 20:48 Marze_soup Sonc.404 facts #1

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2022.01.19 20:48 Melodic_Creme_9858 Just saying thanks

I just wanted to extend my most sincere thanks and love to all the nurses out there. My family has spent a lot of time in the hospital over the last few years, including one very scary COVID stay.
As a dad, the trauma, stress, and lack of sleep can be so overwhelming that I just could never muster the strength to give you nurses the proper gratitude that you deserve. Please know right now how much we appreciate you. You have done so much for me, my kid, and there are so many other people out there like me who never got a real chance to thank you. What you do is so important and so difficult and anyone who spends time in a hospital would agree. I will forever support any cause that will help nurses, whether it be better working conditions, better pay, or anything else that helps you as much as you help the rest of us. I send my most sincerest thanks on behalf of myself, but also on behalf of anyone else (alive or not) who never got a chance to say thank you. You are appreciated.
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2022.01.19 20:48 Purrnisherr_1016 Turkey breast with gravy, garlic mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce and homemade green bean casserole.

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